How it works

You’ll get an email from us to confirm your order details. We’ll collect on the date you’ve picked, and take your items to our cleaning facility where they will be cleaned and finished with care ,before they are delivered back to you as agreed. All your laundry will come back to you in recyclable bags .When our driver delivers your items, you’ll be asked to remove your laundry and give them back to the driver. Remember we can collect laundry and dry cleaning from any postcode in the areas we cover,we’re happy to pick up and drop items back to a workplace address.

The first step is to start add to your cart items which you would like cleaning.Than tell us where you want us to pick your items up from. This can be your home or your workplace, just pop the postcode into the box. We’ll tell you whether we cover the area. The minimum order value is £40 and free delivery over £100. When you’re happy that you’ve chosen everything that you need, go to the order delivery page to choose your collection and delivery dates. All you have to do then is pay and let us do the rest.You can pay by card or paypal.

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